Bitch better have our money

  • Date: 20.06.2015 / Post: 10:13 / Category: OOTD


Jacket from Junkyard HERE / Tee from HM Studio SS15 / Shorts from Bik Bok / Socks from Adidas


Tee from HM / Leatherpants from HM / Shoes from Nelly


Jacket from Adidas / Pencilskirt from HM / Socks from Adidas

Me and my best friends teamed up and had a shoot! The result went amazing and daaaamn.. I am soáhappy with the result! I did the styling and the make-up. Iáhave been super busy lately! Its a good thing. Been on a lots of events and just been enjoying life. Have a lot of pictures to show. Xx

lise Aurelie Nilsen nordheim

22.06.2015 kl.22:16

De ble sykt kule <3

Hao Vu

23.06.2015 kl.10:32

lise Aurelie Nilsen nordheim: Takk baby<3

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